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MONDAY 8th August
Plenary Sessions
      9:15am:   Eiichiro Komatsu (MPA), " From initial conditions to structure formation, and back"  (Video)
   10:00am:   Rachel Rosen (Columbia), " A Massive Gravity Status Report"  (Video)
   11:10am:   Enrico Sessolo (Warsaw), " Dark matter — What it is and how to determine its properties"  (Video)
   11:45am:   Carlos Frenk (Durham), " Searching for the identity of the dark matter in our cosmic backyard"  (Video)
Parallel Sessions
  CMB/LSS   Dark Energy   Primordial/Inflation
  2:00pm:  Bjoern Soergel (Cambridge), " Detection of the kinematic Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect with DES Year 1 and SPT"   2:00pm:  Elise Jennings (FNAL), " Cosmological constraints from Supernovae using Approximate Bayesian Analysis"   2:00pm:  Peter Adshead (Illinois), " Asymmetric reheating and chilly dark sectors"
  2:15pm:  Sebastian Bocquet (Argonne), " The Growth of Cosmic Structure Measured with Galaxy Clusters in the South Pole Telescope SPT-SZ Survey "   2:15pm:  Takahiro Hayashinaka (RESCEU, Tokyo), " Fermionic Schwinger Effect and Induced Current in de Sitter spacetime "   2:15pm:  Mustafa Amin (Rice), " From Wires to Cosmology: Stochastic Particle Production during Inflation and Reheating "
  2:30pm:  Carles Sánchez (IFAE Barcelona), " Weak Gravitational Lensing in the Dark Energy Survey "   2:30pm:  Sebastian Zell (MPP Munich), " On the substructure of the cosmological constant "   2:30pm:  Damien Easson (Arizona State), " Stability of cosmological models with unusual scalar fluids "
  2:45pm:  Siddarth Satpathy (Carnegie-Mellon), " Measurement of the growth rate of structure using galaxy correlation functions "   2:45pm:  Janina Renk (Stockholm), " Gravity at the horizon: testing gravity with relativistic effects in large scale structure observables "   2:45pm:  Tommi Tenkanen (Helsinki), " A Strong Electroweak Phase Transition from the Inflaton Field "
  3:00pm:  Juliana Kwan (Penn), " Cosmology from large scale galaxy clustering and galaxy-galaxy lensing with Dark Energy Survey Science Verification data "   3:00pm:  Jounghun Lee (Seoul National U), "A Bound Violation on the Galaxy Group Scale: The Turn Around Radius of NGC 5353/4 as a Test of Gravity"   3:00pm:  Scott Watson (Syracuse), " The End of Inflation "
  3:15pm:  Ema Dimastrogiovanni (Arizona State), " Testing early Universe physics with upcoming observations "   3:15pm:  Shuntaro Mizuno (Waseda U), " Vainshtein mechanism in massive gravity nonlinear sigma models "   3:15pm:  Gonzalo Palma (Universidad de Chile), " On the role of light fields during inflation "
  CMB/LSS   Dark Energy   Primordial/Inflation
  4:00pm:  Kevin Huffenberger (Miami U), " Are there localized B-mode dust foregrounds in the BICEP/Keck field? "   4:00pm:  Amol Upadhye (Wisconsin Madison), " Redshift-space distortions constrain massive neutrinos and evolving dark energy "   4:00pm:  Ivonne Zavala (Swansea), " Axion Inflation in String Theory and Primordial Gravitational Waves "
  4:15pm:  Jessica Muir (Michigan), " Integrated Sachs-Wolfe signal reconstruction using galaxy surveys "   4:15pm:  Frank Koennig (ITP Heidelberg), " A spectre is haunting the cosmos: Quantum stability of massive gravity with ghosts "   4:15pm:  Shuichiro Yokoyama (Rikkyo University, Japan), " Revisiting matter isocurvature fluctuations in the curvaton scenario "
  4:30pm:  Arya Farahi (Michigan), " Forward modeling of galaxy clusters "   4:30pm:  Mark Hertzberg (Tufts), Gravitation, Quantum Consistency, and Causality   4:30pm:  Mohammed Hossein Namjoo (Harvard), " Probing the Primordial Universe using Massive Fields "
  4:45pm:  Joyce Byun (Sussex), Recovering information beyond the power spectrum of large-scale structure   4:45pm:  Stefano Anselmi (Case Western), " Quasidilaton massive gravity faces cosmological constraints "   4:45pm:  Jinn-Ouk Gong (Asia Pacific Ctr, Korea), " Consistency relation and inflaton redefinition in the delta-N formalism "
  5:00pm:  Masato Shirasaki (NAO, Japan), " Covariance of galaxy-galaxy lensing: Jackknife vs. Mock "   5:00pm:  Matteo Fasiello (Stanford), " LSS probes for Dark Energy & Modified Gravity "   5:00pm:  Kaloian Lozanov (Cambridge), " The Equation of State and Duration to Radiation Domination After Inflation "
  5:15pm:  Jonathan Braden (UCL), " Constraining cosmological ultra-large scale structure using numerical relativity "   5:15pm:  Shuang-Yong Zhou (Case Western), " The Lambda_2 limit of dRGT massive gravity "   5:15pm:  Jason Evans (KIAS Korea), " Naturalizing Supersymmetry with a Two-Field Relaxion Mechanism "

TUESDAY 9th August
Plenary Sessions
    9:00am:   Celine Boehm (Durham), " Dark Matter: the past and future of the field"  (Video)
   9:35am:   Joe Lykken (Columbia), " Whatever happened to BSM physics?"  (Video)
   10:45am:   Monica Valluri (Michigan), " The orbital structure of dark matter halos and implications for dark matter detection"  (Video)
   11:20am:   Rachel Mandelbaum (Carnegie-Mellon), " Weak gravitational lensing cosmology: status and future prospects"  (Video)
   11:55am:   Elena Aprile (Columbia), " Present and Future Prospects for WIMPs Direct Detection"  (Video)
Parallel Sessions
  Future Probes   Dark Energy   LIGO and BH   DM experiment
  2:00pm:  Benjamin Saliwanchik (Kwazulu-Natal), " Design and Scientific Forecast of the Hydrogen Intensity and Real-time Analysis eXpermiment (HIRAX)"   2:00pm:  Miguel Zumalacarregui (Nordita), " New probes of gravity and cosmic acceleration"   2:00pm:  Dejan Stojković (Buffalo), " Quantum aspects of gravitational collapse: non-singularity and non-locality"   2:00pm:   Evan Pease (Yale), " Current Status of the LUX Dark Matter Experiment
  2:15pm:  Seth Siegel (McGill), " CHIME: A Stage IV Dark Energy Experiment "   2:15pm:  Lucas Lombriser (Edinburgh), " Challenges to Self-Acceleration in Modified Gravity from Gravitational Waves and Large-Scale Structure "   2:15pm:  Liang Dai (IAS), " Lensing magnification bias on the apparent distribution of black hole mergers "   2:15pm:   Kaixuan Ni (UC San Diego), " Recent Results from the XENON Dark Matter Experiments
  2:30pm:  Jon Gudmundsson (Stockholm), " Lessons learned from SPIDER's first flight and implications for future ballooning and satellite missions "   2:30pm:  Shahab Joudaki (Swinburne), " KiDS+2dFLenS: Testing Gravity on Cosmic Scales with Weak Lensing and Redshift Space Distortions "   2:30pm:  Ruth Gregory (Durham), " Screened Scalars and Black Holes "   2:30pm:   Wolfgang Lorenzon (Michigan), " The LZ Dark Matter experiment "
  2:45pm:  Caroline Heneka (NBI, Copenhagen), " Probing Reionization: Cross-correlation of 21-cm and Lyman-alpha fluctuations "   2:45pm:  Eva-Maria Mueller (Portsmouth), " BOSS DR12 Combined Sample Analysis constraints on modified gravity "   2:45pm:  Alexandre Dolgov (Novosibirsk), " LIGO-observed gravitational waves: problems and solution. "   2:45pm:   Anthony Villano (Minnesota), " Pushing the limits of low-energy calorimetry in SuperCDMS "
  3:00pm:  Inh Jee (MPA), " Strong Lensing Cosmography : method, predictions and measurements "   3:00pm:  Sebastian Cespedes (Cambridge), " Modifications of the speed of gravitational waves at early times. "   3:00pm:  Tomohiro Nakama (Johns Hopkins), " New primordial black hole constraints to primordial gravitational waves "   3:00pm:   Eric Dahl (Northwestern), " Recent Results from PICO
      3:15pm:  Chi-Ting Chiang (Stony Brook), " Fake Separate Universe: A new trick for simulating clustered quintessence cosmologies "   3:15pm:  David Weir (Stavanger), " Simulating a first-order electroweak phase transition. "   3:15pm:  Philip Urquijo (Melbourne) , " The SABRE Dark Matter Experiment: A pair of sodium iodide detectors located in Italy and Australia "
  CMB/LSS   DE and DM   LIGO and BH / Inflation
  4:00pm:  Paul Shapiro (Texas), " Simulating Cosmic Reionization and Its Observable Consequences "   4:00pm:  Brian Nord (Fermilab), " DeepLensing: The Use of Deep Learning to Find Strong Lenses in the Dark Energy Survey "   4:00pm:  Simeon Bird (Johns Hopkins), " Did LIGO Detect Dark Matter? "
  4:15pm:  Anson D'Aloisio (U Washington), " Probing Cosmological Reionization with the High-redshift Lyman-alpha Forest "   4:15pm:  Joseph DeRose (Stanford), " Simulating the Dark Energy Survey Sky "   4:15pm:  Florian Kuhnel (Stockholm), " Primordial Black Holes "
  4:30pm:  Hao-Yi Wu (JPL/Caltech), " A physical model for the anisotropies of cosmic far-infrared background "   4:30pm:  Evan Grohs (Michigan), " Precision big bang nucleosynthesis and neutrino cosmology "   4:30pm:  Riccardo Penco (Columbia), Effective Field Theory of Inflation with Broken Spatial Diffeomorphisms
  4:45pm:  Marcelo Alvarez (CITA), " Mock LSS Surveys with the Peak Patch Approach "   4:45pm:  Tanja Rindler-Daller (Vienna), " Dark stars as progenitors of supermassive black holes in the early Universe? "   4:45pm:  Emil Mottola (Los Alamos), " Scalar Gravitational Waves in the Effective Theory of Gravity "
  5:00pm:  Joel Meyers (CITA), " Light Relics and Next Generation CMB Observations "   5:00pm:  Jayden Newstead (Arizona State), " Neutrino floors for non-standard direct dark matter detection scenarios "   5:00pm:  Tomohiro Fujita (Stanford), " Inflationary Gravitational Waves - beyond vacuum fluctuation - "
  5:15pm:  Chen Heinrich (Chicago), " Lensing Bias to Compensated Isocurvature Perturbations "   5:15pm:  Caner Unal (Minnesota), " Scale-dependent GW and NG from rolling axion "   5:15pm:  Bohua Li (Texas), " Complex Scalar Field Dark Matter and its Imprint on the Gravitational Wave Background from Inflation "

WEDNESDAY 10th August
Plenary Sessions
   9:00am:   Josh Frieman (Chicago), " Early Results from the Dark Energy Survey"  (Video)
   9:35am:   Vuk Mandić (Minnesota), " First Direct Detections of Gravitational Waves"  (Video)
   10:45am:   Martina Gerbino (Stockholm), " Neutrinos in cosmology: an overview"  (Video)
   11:20am:   Roland de Putter (JPL/Caltech), " Probing Inflation with Future Galaxy Surveys"  (Video)
   11:55am:   Adam Riess (Johns Hopkins), " A new measurement of the expansion rate of the universe"  (Video)
Parallel Sessions
  CMB/LSS - Primordial/Infl   Dark Matter   Dark Energy
  2:00pm:  Thomas Tram (Portsmouth), " The Intrinsic Matter Bispectrum"   2:00pm:  Francesc Ferrer (Washington U St Louis), " A robust halo-independent upper limit on the dark matter cross section"   2:00pm:  David Cinabro (Wayne State), " No Evidence for Type Ia Supernova NUV-Optical Subclasses"
  2:15pm:  Jerome Gleyzes (JPL), " Non Gaussianity in two-field inflation "   2:15pm:  Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine (Harvard), " From dark particle physics to the matter distribution of the Universe "   2:15pm:  Dan Scolnic (Chicago), " New Cosmology Results with Type Ia Supernovae "
  2:30pm:  Christian Fidler (Argonne), " A Relativistic Interpretation of Newtonian Large Scale Structure Simulations "   2:30pm:  Tim Linden (Ohio State), " Dark Matter, Pulsar, and Diffuse Emission Models for the Galactic Center GeV Excess "   2:30pm:  Tom Giblin (Kenyon College), " Toward Full General Relativity in Cosmology "
  2:45pm:  Grant Mathews (Notre Dame), " Possible Evidence for Resonant Superstring Excitations during Inflation "   2:45pm:  Annika Peter (Ohio State), " How self-interacting dark matter shapes the Milky Way satellite population "   2:45pm:  James Mertens (Case Western), " Deviations from Homogeneity in an Inhomogeneous Universe "
  3:00pm:  Neil Barrie (Sydney), " Gravitational Wave Instabilities in the Cosmic Neutrino Background "   3:00pm:  Savvas Koushiappas (Brown), " Gamma-ray emission and the dark matter content of the dwarf galaxy Reticulum II"   3:00pm:  Tony Padilla (Nottingham), " The "sequestering" approach to the cosmological constant problem. "
     3:15pm:  Mei-Yu Wang (Texas A&M), " Revealing the nature of dark matter with Milky Way dwarf satellite galaxies "   3:15pm:  Christoph Schmid (ETH Zurich), " Einstein's equations from Einstein's inertial motion and Newton's laws "
  CMB/LSS   Dark Matter   Primordial/Inflation
  4:00pm:  Craig Copi (Case Western), " CMB Anomalies: Status and Future Directions "   4:00pm:  Haipeng An (Caltech), " Dark matter annihilation via dark bound state formation "   4:00pm:  Sonia Paban (Texas), " On primordial equation of state transitions "
  4:15pm:  Graeme Addison (Johns Hopkins), " Quantifying discordance in the 2015 Planck CMB spectrum "   4:15pm:  Hongwan Liu (MIT), " The Darkest Hour Before Dawn: Contributions to Cosmic Reionization from Dark Matter Annihilation and Decay "   4:15pm:  Robert Caldwell (Dartmouth), " Gravitational Wave -- Gauge Field Oscillations "
  4:30pm:  Marius Millea (Inst Lagrange, Paris), " Features in the Planck power spectrum and shifts in cosmological parameters "   4:30pm:  Sebastian Trojanowski (Warsaw), " Reconstructing WIMP properties through an interplay of signal measurements in direct detection, Fermi-LAT, and CTA searches for dark matter "   4:30pm:  Martin Winkler (Bonn), " Modulated Natural Inflation "
  4:45pm:  Melanie Simet (Carnegie-Mellon), " Weak Lensing Measurement of the Mass-Richness Relation of SDSS redMaPPer Clusters "   4:45pm:  Isabel M. Oldengott (Bielefeld, Germany), "Reionization and dark matter decay "   4:45pm:  Raghavan Rangarajan (Ahmedabad, India), " Constraints on just enough inflation preceded by a thermal era "
  5:00pm:  Jonathan Blazek (Ohio State), " Streaming velocities and baryon-acoustic oscillations "   5:00pm:  Keisuke Harigaya (Berkeley/LBNL), " Light Chiral Dark Sector "   5:00pm:  Nadia Bolis (UC Davis), " Observational Consequences of Scalar-Tensor Entanglement during Inflation "
  5:15pm:  Sukhdeep Singh (Carnegie-Mellon), " Galaxy-galaxy and galaxy-CMB Lensing with SDSS-III BOSS galaxies "   5:15pm:  Sam Cormack (Dartmouth), " Superfluid fermion dark matter "   5:15pm:  Krzysztof Turzynski (Warsaw), " Geometrical destabilization of heavy scalar fields during inflation "

THURSDAY 11th August
Plenary Sessions
      9:15am:   Kiwoon Choi (IBS Korea), " Natural inflation and relaxion with multiple axions"  (Video)
   10:10am:   Takaaki Kajita (Tokyo), " Neutrino oscillation experiments — Discovery, status and prospects"  (Video)
   10:45am:   John Carlstrom (Chicago), " Cosmology with the Cosmic Microwave Background"  (Video)
  PUBLIC TALK (6:30pm)
     Mario Runco (NASA/Johnson Space Center), " Where no man (and only a few space probes) have gone before"  (Video)

FRIDAY 12th August
Parallel Sessions
  CMB/LSS   Dark Energy   Primordial/Inflation
  9:00am:  Pieter Daniel Meerburg (CITA), " The Holiest Grail"   9:00am:  Julian Munoz (Johns Hopkins), " Probing compact dark matter with fast radio bursts"   9:00am:  Marco Drewes (TU Munich), " Experimental tests of leptogenesis"
  9:15am:  Laura Mocanu (Chicago), " Measuring the CMB gravitational lensing potential with SPTpol "   9:15am:  Adam Christopherson (Florida), " Astrophysical bounds on ultra light axion-like particles "   9:15am:  Zachary Kenton (Queen Mary, London), " The Separate Universe Approach to Soft Limits "
  9:30am:  Alexander van Engelen (CITA), " CMB Lensing with ACTPol and successors "   9:30am:  James Dent (Louisianna at Lafayette), " Dark Matter, Light Mediators, and the Neutrino Floor "   9:30am:  Austin Joyce (Chicago), " Three-dimensional inflation"
  9:45am:  Kyle Story (Stanford), " Delensing CMB B modes with the South Pole Telescope polarimeter "   9:45am:  Stacy Kim (Ohio State), " Constraining Self-Interacting Dark Matter through Equal Mass Galaxy Cluster Mergers "   9:45am:  Kohei Kamada (Arizona State), " Large-scale magnetic fields and baryogenesis via chiral anomaly "
  10:00am:  Kimmy Wu (Berkeley), " BICEP3 performance overview and the BICEP/Keck program "   10:00am:  Patrick Stengel (Stockholm), " Charged Mediators in Dark Matter Scattering "   10:00am:  Evangelos Sfakianakis (Illinois), " Magnetogenesis from axion inflation "
  10:15am:  Alexandra Rahlin (Princeton), " Status report on the first flight of the SPIDER balloon-borne polarimeter "       10:15am:  Naritaka Oshita (Tokyo), " A baby universe from a black hole "
Plenary Sessions
   11:00am:   Alessandra Buonanno (MPG Potsdam), " What did we learn from LIGO first black holes?"
   11:35am:   Malcolm Perry (Cambridge), " The Black Hole Paradox Revisited: Soft Black Hole Hair"  (Video)
   2:00pm:   Pierre Sikivie (Florida), " Axion dark matter"  (Video)
   2:35pm:   Cora Dvorkin (Harvard), " Traces of the Early Universe in the CMB and the Large-Scale Structure"  (Video)
   3:10pm:   Andrei Linde (Stanford), " Inflation, dark energy, and SUSY breaking"  (Video)